Right Pectoral Muscles Tightness

Playing the drums involves a lot of dynamic movement from the arms. But a very common position for drummers is with the left hand playing the snare drum and the right hand reach across to the left to play the hi hat cymbal. This is a common position for playing beats.


Being in this position for long periods of time can often cause the pectoral muscles (pectoralis major, pectoralis minor) to shorten, which can create a issues like a feeling of tightness, and reduced functionality and reduced range of motion.


If you believe you have an injury in this are of your body, I recommend seeing your local health professional (Physiotherapist, Myotherapist, Osteopath etc).

However here are a couple of activities that will help with maintain functionality and range of motion.

1. Stretching

A great stretch for your pectorals is the doorway pec stretch. Place the inside of your right forearm against the frame of the of an open doorway, and then slowly turn your body left until you feel a stretch. As a general rule, hold the stretch for at least 10 seconds.]


*always stretch both sides

2. Practise on a left handed kit