How to Set Up Your Drum Kit Left Handed

Practicing drums left handed is great for you! You should try it. There are many physical and mental benefits that come from practising drums left handed. You can read more about the physical benefits HERE. To maximise the physical benefits of practising left handed, you’ll want to make it a regular part of your practise. So you’ll want to get good at swapping your kit from right handed to left hand, and back again.

Here is that fastest most simple way to swap your set up to left handed.

Start by taking your snare drum and floor tom and swapping their positions so that the snare is to the right of the bass drum pedal and the floor tom is on the left. Then swap your crash cymbal and ride cymbal so that your ride is on the left side of the kit and your crash is on the right side. Then move your hi hat from the left side of the kit to the right side.

*Optional: Swap tom 1 and tom 2 over – I consider this as an optional step as it doesn’t have a massive bearing on practise. You can practise fill phrases in the same shape as you would but they will just sounded ever so slightly different.